Speeds customer flow by using audio and visual messages to alert the customer at the head of the queue that a cashier is available and directs them to that location.

Feature Rich
• Plug & Play – No programming needed
• Low system cost
• Reliable long-term operation
• High capacity up to 99 cashiers and 3 CDU’s
• Bright, Large LCD Positional Display Units

Speed Customer Flow

• Decrease customer wait times.
• Reduce walk aways.
• Improve customer satisfaction.
• Increase sales.

System Components

Central Display Unit (CDU)

Positioned at the head of the queue, guides customers to the next available cashier with audio and visual messages. Can also play media.

Positional Display Unit (PDU)

Identifies the cashier position.

Intelligent Call

Used by the cashier to alert the system that they are available.


System software and media player. Simple plug and play design.