Storage Carts

Storage Carts

Storage Carts allow multiple barriers to be picked up, moved, and stored at one time. All our carts feature heavy duty steel construction and locking wheels for stability during loading and unloading.

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Storage Carts

Crowd control stanchions come in two basic types, retractable belt stanchions and classic rope stanchions. These two product lines have become the worldwide standard for forming customer queues (waiting lines), guiding pedestrian flow, and restricting access to ‘off limits’ areas. In large venues the number of stanchions deployed can be in the hundreds which can cause problems when they must be moved or put into storage. Although stanchions are designed to be portable, they need to be heavy to give the stability required when the belts or ropes are extended, this makes moving large quantities of them hard work. Also, with a base diameter of 14” storing quantities of stanchions requires a lot of valuable space. The simple solution to both moving and storing large quantities of stanchions is to use one of our range of stanchion storage carts.

Types of Stanchion Cart

Horizontal Storage Carts
These carts store stanchions horizontally in a stack which gives the cart a small footprint giving very efficient use of space when storing large quantities. Models are available with 12, 18, 21 and 24 stanchion capacities and each model is has a version to take 2” or 2.5” diameter stanchions. Standard features include padded racks, and rubber bumpers to protect walls, while selected models feature a convenient storage tray.

Vertical Storage Cart
The Vertical Storage Cart holds up to 18 stanchions standing upright (vertically). This design has the advantage of only requiring the stanchions to be lifted 12” from the floor to be loaded. Posts of all diameters, 2”, 2.5” and 3” can be accommodated on this cart. With a width of just 32” and a loaded height of 51” the Vertical Storage Cart has the convenience of being able to fit through standard doorways.

WeatherMaster Storage Cart
Stanchions fitted with 19” diameter rubber bases such as our WeatherMaster range will not fit into either Horizontal or Vertical storage carts. We designed this cart specifically for use with 19” diameter rubber base stanchions. Using a unique “standing and hanging” post storage design the cart can accommodate up to 12 WeatherMaster stanchions and still fit through standard doorways.

Carts for Barricades

Steel barricades used for controlling large crowds in outdoor environments provide a particular challenge to move and store. Due to the nature of their use, they are often set up temporarily in large such as lining streets for parades or outside stadiums on game day. At 8ft long and weighing over 40lbs moving barricades in large quantities is labor intensive and slow. Barricade storage carts ease the movement of barricades by allowing up to 30 to be moved at a time and like stanchion carts loaded barricade carts provide a space efficient means of storage.

Types of Barricade Carts

Push Cart
This ‘mini’ cart has a capacity of 10 barricades and is designed to be pushed by hand.

Standard Cart
This is our most popular barricade cart. It can take up to 30 barricades although we recommend a maximum of 24 for ease of use. Extending arms will carry up 15 barricades on each side while the side loading allows safe handling by not having to lift the barricades more than a few inches off the ground.

Pull Cart
This cart can be hitched to a forklift speeding the movement of barricades while saving on labor. The pull cart has a 28 barricade capacity and has built in fork pockets so can be lifted as well as pulled by a forklift.

Frequently Asked Cart Questions

Q: How maneuverable are the storage carts?
A: All models are fitted with two steering wheels for maximum maneuverability.
Q: Can the storage carts be left outside?
A: Yes, the carts made from powder coated steel and are designed for outdoor use.
Q: How stable are the carts to load?
A: All our storage carts have two locking wheels to provide stability while loading and unloading.
Q: What are the storage carts made of?
A: The carts are fabricated from heavy gauge steel and are powder coated for weather protection.