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Advantages of Custom Barricade Jackets

Custom Barricade Jacket Banner

Advantages of Custom Barricade Jackets

With our custom barricade jackets you can now turn your barricade into an effective advertising space. These barricade jackets not only add a splash of color and creativity but provide for the perfect opportunity to maximize your brand visibility. Let’s explore why these jackets are a game-changer and get a peek into how they’re made – it’s a simple yet effective manufacturing process.

Why Choose Custom Barricade Jackets?

1. Boost Your Brand: Stand Out in Style
Custom Barricade Jackets are like mini billboards for your brand. Add your logos, colors, and messages to make these barriers true brand ambassadors. This not only helps your brand visibility but can also help to create memorable moments for your customers.

North central Barricade Jackets

2. Theme It Up: Match the Vibe of Your Event
Whether it’s a sporting event, a corporate gathering, or a festival, these jackets can blend seamlessly to your event. With the fully custom printing you can match any theme you are looking for from a logo of a sports team to a safety message for a construction site.

3. Say It Loud: Engage Your Audience
Along with just looking nice, our barricade jackets can be effective for displaying information to customers or attendees. Put event schedules, safety tips, or even sponsors right where everyone can see them. This helps you engage your audience with useful and eye-catching messages.

4. Flexible and Versatile: Fit for Any Occasion
Our custom barricade jackets come with a easy Velcro attachment process that allows you to quickly attach or swap your barricade jacket to another barricade. This method not only keeps your jackets secure but gives you the flexibility to quickly swap out or move your barricade jackets.

5. Show Some Love to Sponsors: More Exposure, More Partnerships
For sponsored events, these jackets offer extra visibility for sponsors. In some cases you can even sell advertising space on your barricades to not only improve your events revenue but also create a great opportunity for your sponsor!

Sponsor on barricade jacket

6. Strength and Durability: Long lasting barricades
Not only do these jackets give you the opportunity to maximize your brand visibility but it also protects the barricades themselves. With our heavy duty vinyl material, our barricade jackets can keep your barricades safe from any potential weather hazards or damage. This keeps your barricades durable for years to come.

How Are Custom Barricade Jackets Made?

Step 1: Design
To start out with creating your barricade jackets our team will work closely with you to get a good idea of the vision of your barricade. Once complete we will create a design for your barricade and upon approval of the design we will begin creating your barricade jackets.

Step 2: Pick the Right Material
Choose a material that looks good and lasts long. We have the choice between a heavy duty 18oz vinyl or a lighter but equally as durable 10oz vinyl material.

Step 3: Printing: The Magic of Colors
Once a material is decided on we use a printing technique called dye sublimation to start printing your design. This process allows us to infuse the colors directly onto the jacket. This makes the jackets not only bright but also durable against the sun and weather.

Step 4: Precision Cutting: Making It Just Right
With the design and printing complete, we then use high precision machinery to cut your barricade jacket. This ensures the jacket is created with the perfect specifications for your barricade. It is important to note that if you do not have a queue solutions barricade than we may need the specs of your barricade or you can look toward the universal barricade jacket option.

Step 5: Sewing: Bringing It All Together
This is where our craftsmen are able to showcase their skills. Each barricade jacket is carefully sewn together to ensure that the barricade is strong and up to the quality that you would expect from queue solutions. They make sure each seam is strong and each piece of the barricade jacket is aligned correctly.

Step 6: Quality Check: No Compromise
Before shipping out your barricade jacket, we also go through a rigorous quality assurance process. This allows us to make sure that your products are up to the quality you deserve.

Conclusion: Simple, Creative, Impactful

Custom Barricade Jackets are here to make your event not just functional but fabulous. At Queue Solutions, we blend creativity with craftsmanship, turning simple barriers into memorable brand experiences. Elevate your next event with these easy-to-love jackets – where every barricade becomes a canvas of creativity and lasting impressions!

If you want any extra information about our custom barricade jacket you can view the product here.