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Bringing You the Largest Range of Queue Signage on the Market

Signage Options

Bringing You the Largest Range of Queue Signage on the Market

To be an effective business, communication is key. Customers need clear guidance on where to enter a queue and what steps to follow as they progress toward the front. Signage plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth and well-informed customer flow. At Queue Solutions, we offer an extensive range of stanchion top and free-standing signage options to assist you in guiding and informing your customers effectively.

Bracket Signs: Simple and Effective Communication

Bracket signs, crafted from heavy-duty ¼” acrylic, offer a frameless and popular choice for conveying straightforward messages related to customer guidance. These signs come with an adapter, allowing them to slide easily onto the top of a stanchion and fit securely. What’s more, these signs can be moved with ease whenever the need arises. Our Bracket Signs are available in a wide array of colors, including traditional options like black and blue, as well as high-visibility choices such as yellow, red, and white. Messages are typically printed in a contrasting color to the sign, with black on light-colored signs and white on dark-colored signs.

Acrylic Bracket Signs: Beyond the Rectangle

Our Bracket Sign range extends beyond the traditional rectangle shape. For instance, the Razor sign is tall and narrow, designed to minimize intrusion into aisle space while sporting an eye-catching look. On the other hand, the Oval Sign is a favorite in banks and similar institutions due to its unique design, which lends it a more upscale appearance compared to standard rectangular signs.

These signs can be supplied with one of our 15 standard messages, or you can opt for custom printing with the message of your choice. Bracket Signs typically feature informational single-color prints, although we can accommodate multiple colors upon request.

Advantages of Bracket Signs:

-Ideal for conveying simple information.
-Sleek and frameless appearance.
-Unique shapes like the Razor and Oval Signs.
-Options for standard messages or custom printing.
-Flexibility in color choices.

Sign Frames: Versatile with Quick Sign Changes

Sign frames offer the flexibility of accommodating either an acrylic sign similar to the Bracket Sign or a paper sign sandwiched between two sheets of clear acrylic. One of their significant advantages is the ease and speed with which you can change the signs. These frames have a top opening, allowing signs to slide in and out effortlessly. Sign frames are the preferred choice when messages need to be changed periodically.

Sign Frames are incredibly versatile, offering a wide array of options to suit any queue setup. You can choose between Light Duty and Heavy Duty versions, and they are compatible with both belt stanchions and classic rope stanchions. Plus, there’s a size to fit your needs, ranging from 7×11 all the way up to 22×28. But wait, there’s more! These sign frames also come in both vertical and horizontal orientations, and you can pick from 5 different stock finishes. This flexibility ensures that your signage matches your environment, whether it’s an upscale hotel or a casual restaurant.

Post Top Sign Sizes

Advantages of Sign Frames:

-Accommodate both acrylic and paper signs.
-Quick and straightforward sign change process.
-5 stock finish options to tailor your sign to your queue.
-Options for discreet Standard frames or robust Heavy Duty frames.
-Available for all types of stanchions including classic stanchions and belt barriers.
-Largest variety of sign size and orientation options on the market.

Large Format Sign Stands and Poster Holders: Maximize Visibility

In addition to stanchion-based signage, we offer a wide selection of large format frames on sign stands and an assortment of Poster Holders designed to hold frames as large as 22” x 28”. Sign Stands come with a round, heavy-weight base, while Poster Holders feature a tubular rectangular base. Both options facilitate quick sign changes, just like stanchion frames.

Sign Stands can accommodate a single frame but offer a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 7” x 11” up to 22” x 28”. Poster Holders have more limited size options but make up for it by offering models with one, two, or three frames stacked vertically above each other. This allows you to display up to three different posters on the same fixture.

For situations where clear visibility is critical, especially in high-traffic areas, we offer a 6’ Sign Stand that elevates the sign above the heads of the crowd, making it visible from a distance.

Advantages of Large Format Sign Stands and Poster Holders:

-Accommodate full-size posters.
-Quick and easy sign changes.
-Options for single or multiple frames.
-6’ Sign Stand for enhanced visibility in crowded areas.


In conclusion, effective queue signage is essential for guiding and informing customers, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow. At Queue Solutions, we provide a wide range of signage options, from Bracket Signs and Sign Frames to Large Format Sign Stands and Poster Holders. These options allow you to choose the best signage solution for your specific needs, whether it’s simple and sleek communication or bold and attention-grabbing displays. Our commitment to offering a diverse range of queue signage makes us a leader in the industry, helping you create queues that are not only efficient but also informative and engaging.