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Queue Solutions: Unrivaled Wall Mount Range for Restricting Access

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Queue Solutions: Unrivaled Wall Mount Range for Restricting Access

At Queue Solutions, we take pride in offering the widest and most versatile wall mount range of retractable belt barriers in the market. Our WallPro and WallMaster lines provide an extensive selection of wall units, catering to a wide range of barrier applications. From compact spaces to large-scale locations, our wall mounts are designed to effortlessly close access to off limits areas. In this blog post, we will explore our diverse wall unit options, including the WallPro series with multiple models and mounting choices, the innovative WallMaster range, and our specialty wall mounts, along with the impressive WallPro 750 featuring the longest belt on the market.

The Versatile WallPro Series

The WallPro range of stanchions stands out as one of the most versatile and flexible wall mounts available, boasting a wide range of mounting options to suit any need. Crafted with a high-durability ABS housing, these wall mounts are built to thrive in any environment. In addition to their robust construction, the WallPro units come in four distinctive models, six color choices and five mounting and belt end options, ensuring a perfect solution for every barrier requirement.

The first wall mount in our WallPro range is the WallPro 300, featuring 7.5ft and 10ft belt lengths, it offers an effective solution for short span barriers such as corridors and door ways. For longer spans, the WallPro 400 steps up with a 13ft and 5ft belt options, while the WallPro 450 takes the lead with an impressive 20-35ft belt, perfectly managing long span applications such as loading bays.

We also take pride in offering the most mounting options for the WallPro on the market, providing five choices for various scenarios. The standard fixed mount is designed for permanent placement. If you need to use the same unit in multiple locations we have the removable mount in which the barrier unit slides in and out of wall plate that are attached to the wall. For temporary attachment to metal surfaces, we have a magnetic option, this is ideal for uses such as closing warehouse isles while forklifts are in use. To accommodate smooth surfaces like glass, the suction cup option is highly effective

Wall Mount Mounting Options

With the WallPro range, Queue Solutions ensures you have a wall mount suited to your needs, providing both durability and adaptability for easy, efficient access control.

Exploring the WallMaster Range

The Queue Solutions wall mount range goes beyond the QueuePro line as we introduce the WallMaster range, expanding the options to cater to diverse user needs. Robustly built with heavy-duty steel casings, the WallMaster wall mounts offers the same wealth of mounting choices as the WallPro but in addition the WallMaster range has a number of unique models offering additional benefits not found in standard wall mounts. The popular Xtra models feature a 3” wide belt that is 50% larger than the industry standard 2” belt. This extra wide belt enhances the visibility of printed safety messages making them more attention grabbing and visible from a much greater distance.

Wall Mount Mounting Options

Moreover, the WallMaster line includes a new innovative wall mount in the WallMaster Twin, boasting two belts for even more effective pedestrian control than the single belt options. With up to a 15 foot belt, multiple unit finishes, and mounting choices available, the WallMaster range emerges as the optimal solution for wall mounted access control needs.

Whether you seek a standard wall mount or an enhanced system with twin belts, our WallMaster range provides comprehensive solutions to meet all your crowd control requirements.

Recessed Wall Mounts for Tight Spaces

Where space is limited such as corridors, Queue Solutions offers a range of recessed wall mounts that house the retraction mechanism within a cavity in the wall so that there is no obstruction in the aisle space. This innovative design proves invaluable in corridors where access must be restricted on a temporary basis as it is instant to deploy but almost invisible when not in use.

The Remarkable WallPro 750

Queue Solutions is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions, and our WallPro 750 epitomizes this commitment. With an unmatched 75-foot belt, this wall-mounted retractable barrier system sets a new standard in the industry for its length, durability and reliable operation. The WallPro 750’s impressive reach makes it the perfect choice for efficiently managing pedestrian access in expansive areas, such as factories and warehouses. The greatest challenge is designing an ultra long length retractable barrier if the belt ‘flop’. This is a condition where the weight of the belt causes it to ‘flop’ over and lie horizontally Queue Solution’s engineering team have perfected the spring technology required to ensure the belt of the WallPro 750 remains vertical even when extended to its full length. With its hard wearing ABS housing, heavy duty spring and 600 micron woven nylon belt the WallPro 750 is designed to provide a long, reliable service life in the most demanding of work environments.


When it comes to wall-mounted crowd control solutions, Queue Solutions stands at the forefront. Our WallPro and WallMaster lines, along with our specialty wall mounts, offer a wide array of choices to fit any venue or event. From compact spaces to large-scale environments, our wall mounts ensure efficient access control and enhanced safety. And with the WallPro 750 boasting the longest belt on the market, Queue Solutions once again proves to be the leader in innovative crowd control solutions.

For more information about our wall mounts, please view our full range here.