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Mobility and Versatility: RollerPro 250 XTRA

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Mobility and Versatility: RollerPro 250 XTRA

The RollerPro 250 Xtra is a groundbreaking innovation in stanchion design. Engineered with a roller base, this stanchion deviates from the traditional stanchion design by offering unprecedented mobility. Additionally, it does this without compromising on the stability. Ideal for dynamic environments requiring frequent layout adjustments, the RollerPro 250 Xtra can be effortlessly moved into position on its built in 6” roller, providing swift and hassle free setup. This versatile stanchion ensures optimal flexibility and efficiency no matter if you are guiding crowds in event venues or forming a queue at a transportation terminal. Experience the new world of mobility and versatility in stanchion design with the RollerPro 250 Xtra.

Post Colors

Our posts come in three different stock finishes of: Black, Polished Stainless, and Satin Stainless. We can customize the posts with custom metal finishes or powder coat colors, to match any decor for any event.

Personalized Printing Possibilities

Customization is key when it comes to our stanchion belts, we offer a range of over 50 stock belt options including solid colors, high visibility stripes and safety messages. Whether guiding queues in busy environments or delineating restricted areas, our stanchions provide the flexibility needed to adapt to a wide variety of situations. With the ability to select a wide range of colors and messages, you can effectively communicate important information while enhancing the aesthetics of your space.

Stock Colors
Stock Messages

Additionally, if none of our stock options align with the aesthetic you are trying to create then we can custom print the belt for your requirements. Using digital printing we can print an unlimited number of colors including logos, photos and QR codes. Whatever your creative team can devise, our inhouse printing department can produce. The ability to print your logo or message on the stanchion belt reinforces your brand recognition with your customers. By printing your stanchion belts, you can effectively direct foot traffic while promoting your business.

Custom Belts

Extra Wide Belts

The Xtra model of the RollerPro 250 features a unique 3” wide belt. This belt provides a 50% larger print area than a standard 2” belt. Printing your logo or safety message in large, bold type greatly increases its visibility and impact. For very little extra cost the 3” wide Xtra belt allows your message to be seen at a greater distance and be attention grabbing to those standing in the queue strengthening message retention and brand recognition.

Floor Protection and Robust Construction

Designed with a heavy weight cast iron base, the RollerPro 250 ensures stability and durability, ideal for high-traffic areas. Additionally, the base features a full coverage floor protector, safeguarding floors from damage, keeping even the most expensive floors scratch and scuff free.

Roller Base
Roller Base deconstructed

Effortless Mobility

Engineered for ease of movement, the RollerPro 250 boasts unmatched portability. With a discreet 6-inch roller, relocating barriers is effortless, setting a new standard for usability. Its exceptional maneuverability caters to environments needing frequent changes to queue layout, reducing setup time and labor costs involved in managing customer flow.

Rolling the stanchion

Designed For Safety

The RollerPro’s belts are made of heavy-duty nylon in a herringbone weave designed to resist fraying and provide smooth silent belt retraction. The spring in the retraction mechanism is engineered to eliminate the belt from sagging or flopping even over extended lengths. Moreover, the retraction mechanism also features a brake for slow, safe belt retraction. Additionally, the belt end is equipped with a locking feature, preventing unintended belt release caused by accident or tampering.


In conclusion, the RollerPro 250 Xtra stands as a revolutionary advancement in stanchion design, setting new standards for mobility and versatility. With its innovative roller base, this stanchion offers unparalleled ease of use without compromising on stability. The RollerPro 250 Xtra ensures swift setup and optimal flexibility wherever you may set it up. Moreover, its customizable printing options and extra-wide belts provide ample opportunities for brand recognition and enhanced messaging visibility. With robust construction, floor protection features, and a focus on safety and longevity, the RollerPro 250 Xtra prioritizes both functionality and durability. Experience the next level of stanchion innovation with the RollerPro 250 Xtra, where mobility, versatility, and organization of queues converge to redefine industry standards.

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