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Improved Barrier Effectiveness : QueueMaster 550 XTRA

QueueMaster 550 Xtra banner
 QueueMaster 550 Xtra top banner

Improved Barrier Effectiveness : QueueMaster 550 XTRA

Part of our economy QueueMaster line, the QueueMaster 550 Xtra is a truly unique retractable belt barrier. This product is designed to combine the improved barrier effectiveness and the enhanced visibility of extra-wide belts at a low cost makeing this unique stanchion a winner. These features and more make the QueueMaster 550 Xtra the ultimate stanchion for controlling high traffic customer queues while promoting brands and advertising products.

Custom Belts

Wide Belts For Maximum Advertising Exposure

The key feature of this model lies in its extra wide 3 inch belt. The extra width allows logos, advertising messages, or even QR codes to be printed 50% larger than on standard 2” wide belts. The larger print has much greater impact when viewed from inside the queue and can be seen from a much greater distance when looking from outside the queue. The other benefit of the large print size is that more complex logos can be printed that would be indistinct on the standard 2” belt. Extra-large logos on the belts repeated down a line of stanchions in a customer queue are an impressive sight and capture the attention of customers in a way that no other stanchion can. The easy quick-change design for the cassettes also means that advertising messages can be changed as frequently as desired.

Designed For Durability

Despite being part of our economy QueueMaster range, the durability of the QueueMaster 550 Xtra has not been compromised. The stanchion base is made from a galvanized steel shell filled with concrete, while keeping the price low this base also features one of the best floor protectors on the market. This floor protector is a thick rubber ring that covers the entire circumference of the base to remove any chance of floor scratches no matter the direction the stanchion is dragged or rolled. The stanchion post is made from steel with a quick-change belt cassette or fast easy maintenance.

QueueMaster base
Queuemaster base2

Four Way Connectivity

Another major feature of the QueueMaster 550 Xtra is its four-way connectivity. This design allows for stanchion belts to be connected to the stanchion in four directions with greater flexibility when designing your queues. Moreover, this design facilitates easier adaptability to different environments and crowd flow patterns. It also reduces the need for more receiving stanchions when creating a queue system.

Queue System using 4 way connectivity

Safety Features

The QueueMaster 550 Xtra is designed with a belt brake system providing slow, safe belt retraction. This critical safety feature eliminates the risk of injury caused by the sudden snap back of a belt if disconnected accidentally. The belt is also fitted with a lock to prevent tampering or accidental release.

QueueMaster cassette


In conclusion, the QueueMaster 550 XTRA stands out in our economy QueueMaster line as a unique retractable belt barrier that combines enhanced visibility and improved barrier effectiveness at a low cost. Its key feature is the extra-wide 3-inch belt, which provides maximum advertising exposure by allowing larger logos and messages to be prominently displayed. This model is designed for durability, with a galvanized steel shell base filled with concrete and a comprehensive floor protector, ensuring longevity and protection. The four-way connectivity offers flexibility in designing queue systems, while the belt brake system and lock ensure safety and prevent accidental releases. These features make the QueueMaster 550 XTRA the ultimate stanchion for managing high-traffic customer queues while effectively promoting brands and advertising products.

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