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Stanchions and Its Different Types


Stanchions and Its Different Types

Within the retail business, stanchions are tools that help business owners control and guide foot traffic within their establishments – stanchions let them do so without changing the actual infrastructure of their building.

Stanchions are used to form and manage customer queues; they are common in large grocery stores, airports, ticketing offices, and museums. Stanchions have come into common use and are popular within retail businesses; this is because research has proven that stanchions have been shown to improve sales. A lack of stanchioned queues can reduce sales by 60%. Without stanchions, customers are left confused; complicated and disorganized layouts can be overwhelming, urging consumers to leave without making a purchase.

If you are a consumer yourself, you might have interacted with a stanchion without realizing it – think about the last time you went to the bank or were at a superstore; you might have stood in a stanchioned line without even knowing it.

Retail use aside, stanchions are also used in industrial settings. Within industrial settings, stanchions are also vital for safety alongside playing an organizational role. For example, they can be used to mark off and limit entrance to dangerous areas. The safety uses of stanchions are also employed in areas with huge crowds (for example, department stores during Black Friday or the holiday season) to avoid crowd surges and injuries.

What Is A Stanchion?

Stanchions are vertical bars or posts that provide support for other structures. They are usually a part of a larger support structure as deploying them in isolation makes them useless. Stanchions are joined either by retractable belts, ropes, or plastic chains. The stanchion fixture itself can either be permanently installed or freestanding.

Do You Need Stanchions?

If you run a business that requires customers to come in and purchase items, the answer is usually yes. 

Stanchions help to improve customer experience; they create a good flow within your space and create a calm atmosphere. If you are looking to improve customer satisfaction and establish customer loyalty, stanchions would be a good choice for you. 

Stanchions also help to keep your business organized; they prevent unnecessary chaos and commotion. This helps to create an image of efficiency in the customers’ minds. Customers begin to associate your business with fast and quick service, which will attract them to your business in the future.

Besides improving customer satisfaction, stanchions also help to increase sales. Placing merchandising panels alongside stanchioned lines helps to boost sales by 35 to 50%. Inevitably, customers become bored while waiting in line; unless they have something to take up their time and keep them occupied, they leave without purchasing anything. Merchandising panels filled with intriguing items can relieve the customers’ boredom. It guarantees you the purchase the customers stepped in the line for and some additional ones they pick up on the way. 

Different Types of Stanchions

Stanchions vary in their purpose, design, material and finish. It is important to note that each stanchion cannot be used in every situation. Based on your needs, it is important to choose the right stanchion for you; representatives of the Crowd Control Company are here to help you select the best option for you. You can find stanchions that are applicable to your needs and liking, or even get one completely customized!

In total, there are four different types of stanchions:

Post and Rope Stanchions

This type of stanchion is common in art museums and at red carpets events; they have more of a classic feel and fancy look to them, which is why they are used at such events and spaces. They include a vertical post and a thick rope attached to them; many are connected to create a barrier for crowd control. The posts have a heavy circular base, and at the top, they have either a hook or snap end to attach the rope.

The posts come in multiple metal finishes such as silver and gold and can be found with multiple top styles such as urn balls, space for signs, or a flat top. The ropes can be found in velvet, Naugahyde (a type of synthetic leather), or twisted polypropylene. 

However, the classic look within this style includes velvet rope supported by a chrome-finish post with an urn ball top finish. 

Retractable Belt Stanchions

Out of all the types, retractable belt barriers are the most popular and versatile. They are available in freestanding and wall-mounted varieties. Their versatility comes in where they can be adjusted as required to the type and size of the crowd. They are available in many colors and finishes – contact Crowd Control Company to see which ones are available.

These stanchions make use of an internal spring mechanism that releases and retracts a nylon belt stored in a canister attached to the post.

These stanchions are durable and cost-effective. You can even use them for branding by printing your brand logo on the belt, for example.

Plastic Stanchions

These stanchions are cheaper than the two above options. They are weather-resistant and are great for those business owners who do not have a large budget to invest.

Unlike retractable belt stanchions, plastic stanchions do not use a top attachment with an included belt. Rather, they have a C-hook to attach plastic chains or ropes. They are easy to transport and lightweight but can be weighed down with water, sand, or gravel (however, you will have to purchase a different attachment for these). Because of their weather durability, they are more preferred for outside events and venues such as festivals and parking lots.

Safety Stanchions

These stanchions, typically made of plastic, are used for safety purposes at industrial and construction sites. They are used to restrict access into such areas and dangerous zones.

They are manufactured in bright colors, typically neon orange or yellow, so that they can be seen from afar. They come with top attachments to set up a sign to warn passersby to stay clear of the area. Like retractable belt barriers, they include a retractable belt top attachment. The belt itself is usually black and yellow striped to make them visible.