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Cost Effective Crowd Control: CrowdMaster Plus

CrowdMaster Plus Barricade banner
CrowdMaster Plus Barricade Banner

Cost Effective Crowd Control: CrowdMaster Plus

When events bring people together in large numbers, ensuring safety and organization becomes essential. A key player in cost effective crowd control management is the steel barricade. Barricades effortlessly guide the flow of attendees and establish perimeters. From lively music festivals to corporate events, barricades play a crucial role in maintaining order, boosting security, and facilitating smooth operations. In this blog, we’ll highlight our CrowdMaster Plus barricade model—known for its durability, cost-effectiveness, and versatility to meet all event requirements. We’ll also discuss the types of events where these barricades prove indispensable.

About This Product

The CrowdMaster Plus stands out as an innovative design, crafted from 16-gauge, hot-dip galvanized steel and featuring a new 1-inch OD frame. The secret to this product lies in its 1 inch diameter frame and creative new design that makes this barricade more versatile while reducing costs.

New Creative Design

Adjustable Feet

Our CrowdMaster Plus model features adjustable feet, allowing you to adapt to various scenarios. Firstly, the barricade allows the placing of the feet on the edges of the barricade. This helps to enhance the overall stability of the barricade by evenly distributing the weight. This also gives your barricade the classic steel barricade look that will help these barricades aesthetically fit in any type of barricade run. Conversely, positioning the feet on the inside directs strength to the center and inner area of the barricade. This helps to reinforce the barricade against pressure, leaning, or climbing near the center.

Barricade with feet on outer edge
Barricade with feet on the inner area

Feet Options

The CrowdMaster Plus barricade also has two different options for barricade feet. One option, the bridge feet, boasts optimal usage when the surface you are putting the barricade on is uneven. These surfaces include: grass, broken pavement, gravel and other uneven surfaces. The more standard option is the Flat Feet. These feet give maximum durability and stability in large crowds where the ground is even such as tarmac, sidewalks, street roads, and more.

Two feet options

1 Inch Diameter Frame

The CrowdMaster Plus stands out from our other models due to its 1-inch diameter frame, a seemingly small detail that significantly enhances affordability. This frame design change not only allows us to give you the innovative adjustable feet options, but also gives it a sleek design and drastically reduced shipping cost.

This design enables better stackability, allowing for more barricades to be shipped in less space. This may not seem like much but this can drastically reduce the freight cost by up to 50% in some cases. This feature combined with the slight price decrease of the barricade itself, makes the CrowdMaster Plus the most cost-effective barricade option on the market without compromising on durability or strength.

Stacked Barricades ready to ship showing a cost effective crowd control method

Conclusion: Cost Effective Crowd Control

In conclusion, the CrowdMaster Plus barricade model offers versatility and effectiveness for a wide range of events and gatherings. Crafted with a durable 1 inch diameter frame and adjustable feet positions, this barricade excels in both strength and flexibility. The innovative design features 16 gauge, hot dipped galvanized steel, ensuring long lasting weather resistance all the while offering an affordable price point. The different position of the feet as well as the type of feet make this model one of the best ones to get for your festivities. The slim design makes stacking them both quick and cost efficient for both parties. Let this barricade be the barricade you buy for cost effective crowd control purposes.

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