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Enhanced Visibility: QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra

QueueMaster Twin 550 EXTRA banner
QueueMaster Twin 550 XTRA Banner

Enhanced Visibility: QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra

While part of our economy QueueMaster line the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra is a truly unique retractable belt stanchion. This product is designed to combine the improved barrier effectiveness of a twin belt configuration with the enhanced visibility of extra wide belts. These two features make the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra the ultimate stanchion for controlling very high traffic customer queues while promoting brands or advertising products.

The Twin Belt Advantage

The key feature of the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra is its twin belt design. The lower belt limits the ability of pedestrians to duck under the belt improving its effectiveness as a barrier and also stops children from walking under the belt. Being less than 27” from the ground, the lower belt is easy for the visually impaired to detect using a cane and makes this stanchion ADA compliant.

Extra Wide Belts

The QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra’s twin belts are 3 inches wide belts as opposed to the industry standard of 2 inches. This extra width allows logos or advertising messages to be printed 50% larger than that on a standard belt. The large size of print not only gives enhanced visibility from afar but also has much greater impact when seen up close. The purpose of branding and advertising is to make an impact that the customer remembers and the unique large size of the print on these belts cannot help but make an impression!

Designed for Durability

Despite its excellent price point the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra is designed with durability and ease of maintenance in mind. The stanchion post is made of heavy gauge steel post and has a two-piece design that allows for easy replacement of the lower belt cassette which lengthens the service life of the stanchion. The base is a galvanized steel shell filled with concrete and features the best floor protector on the market. The floor protector is a thick rubber ring that covers the entire circumference of the base. This means that no matter what angle the stanchion is dragged or rolled on the floor is always protected.

Base of the queuemaster twin 550
rubber floor protector

Impressive Advertising Platform

This stanchion offers a plethora of customization options for both the posts and the belts. The QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra features three stock options for the post: Black, Polished Stainless, and Satin Stainless. While these options will cover most requirements the post can also be customized in any of our 200+ powder coat colors to match any branding or décor requirements.

Belts are available from stock in over 50 choices of solid colors, stripes, or safety messages. But it is with custom belt printing of logos or advertising that the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra really excels. Extra-large logos on both belts repeated down a line of stanchions in a customer queue is an impressive sight and captures the attention of customers in a way that no other stanchion can. The easy quick-change design for the cassettes also means that advertising messages can be changed as frequently as desired.

Costco Logo Stanchion
IBM Logo Stanchion
Adidas Logo Stanchion

Safety Features

The QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra comes standard with a locking belt end. This locking mechanism prevents unintentional belt releases caused by intentional or unintentional tampering of the cassette. Additionally, the cassette also has a slow retract belt brake, which prevents the belt from whipping back dangerously should the belt end be accidentally let go during retraction.

3 inch cassette for enhanced visibility

Creating A Fluid Queue System

Another major feature of the QueueMaster 550 Twin Xtra is its four-way connectivity. This makes for greater flexibility in designing your queues, facilitating easier adaptability to different environments and crowd flow patterns. It also reduces the need for more receiving stanchions when creating a queue system.

QueueSystem design


In conclusion, the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra is a superior crowd control solution, combining an improved barrier with excellent advertising potential. With its robust construction, safety features and ADA compliance, the QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra is arguably the best queueing stanchion available on the market. Contact us today for more information on this outstanding stanchion.

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