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Revolutionizing Stanchion Mobility: The RollerPro 200

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Revolutionizing Stanchion Mobility: The RollerPro 200

Moving stanchions from one place to another can be a challenge. They’re heavy, they’re awkward to carry and dragging may damage expensive flooring. Revolutionizing stanchion mobility: The RollerPro 200 solves this problem by offering the convenience of a roller base and the aesthetic of a slim post. This stanchion is ideal when you need to move barriers frequently to change a quote layout or for floor cleaning. Featuring a slow retracting belt, 4-way connectivity and a locking belt end this stanchion has all the leading product features. barrier needs.

The Convenience Of A Roller Base

The RollerPro series is known for their unique roller base. This 6-inch roller is integrated into the design of the base, when you need to move the stanchion, simply tilt the base onto its roller and push using the post head. This ease of movement makes the RollerPro series and the RollerPro 200 an ideal choice for environments like airports, retail stores, and other high traffic areas.

Additional Features:

Slow Retracting Belt: The RollerPro 200 is fitted with a slow retracting belt brake. This ensures slow, controlled retraction if the belt is accidentally released.

2 inch cassette

Locking Belt End: When attached to the next stanchion in line the belt end can be fixed in place with its belt lock. This makes it harder for people to tamper with the belt and accidentally release the belt.

4-Way Connectivity: The stanchion can receive the belts from three others allowing belts to run at right angles so a zig zag queue corral can be designed.

Four way connectivity

Full Rubber Floor Protector: Lastly, the stanchion comes with a full circumference rubber floor protector. This protector provides maximum protection against scratching and scuffing for expensive flooring.

Customization And Post Style

The RollerPro 200 distinguishes itself from the other stanchions with its slim 2’’ diameter post design. This feature provides an appealing aesthetic for showrooms, galleries or hotels. The post is available in three stock finishes: Black, Polished Stainless, and Satin Stainless, but it can also be customized in over 200 powder coat colors and metal finishes.

Additionally, the belt of the stanchion is also fully customizable. The RollerPro 200 2’’ wide belt comes in a variety of 50 stock solid colors and stripes as well as a range of safety messages. The belt can also be custom printed with custom colors, logos, or any other branding. As stanchions are used in environments with high pedestrian traffic branding on a belt is highly visible and so this is an ideal place to reinforce brand awareness.

2 inch stock colors
stock messages


In conclusion, the RollerPro 200 is a game-changer in stanchion mobility. With its innovative roller base and slim post design, it eliminates the hassle of moving heavy barriers. Enhanced with features like a slow retracting belt, locking belt end, and 4-way connectivity, it ensures both convenience and safety. The stanchion’s customizable options further elevate its functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it an indispensable asset for crowd control in a wide range of environments.

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