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Introducing Queue Solutions’ Innovative Outdoor Signage Range

Outdoor sign range

Introducing Queue Solutions’ Innovative Outdoor Signage Range

Since our foundation Queue Solutions has focused on manufacturing high specification, innovative products for managing customer queues, mass crowds and restricting access to work areas. We design our products to provide unique user benefits that increase efficiency, lower costs, and enhance the customer experience. Today we are pleased to unveil our upcoming product line of all-weather post top Outdoor Signage. This versatile sign range is designed not only for indoor applications but is meticulously crafted to withstand the challenges of continuous outdoor use, making it the premier choice for durability and functionality.

sign on top of stanchion

Three Key Features

Our new outdoor signage is is designed with three crucial features that set it apart from other post top signage options on the market:

Full Aluminum Build: Durability is a cornerstone of our new signage range. Each sign is crafted entirely from heavy duty aluminum, making it remarkably sturdy and robust compared to the plastic alternatives commonly found in the market. As well as strength aluminum was chosen as it does not rust, the key advantage over the industry standard steel sign frames.

Full Aluminum Build

Protecting Top Cap: To safeguard your signage from tampering and water damage, our new outdoor sign frames come with a specially designed top cap. This cap fits seamlessly on the top of the frame, covering the slot used for fitting the sign. The cap seals the opening providing the sign inserts with protection from rain.

Protecting Cap

Water Removing Filter Holes: Outdoor elements like rain can be a challenge for signage so we aimed to find a solution to keep your signage safe for extended periods of time. Our innovative solution includes strategically placed water removing filter holes at the bottom of the frame. These holes effectively channel water that may have entered the frame down the face of the sign and prevents it from pooling. This further protects the signage within the frame.

Water Removing Holes

Size Options for All of Your Needs

Available in 5 post top sizes these frames accept signs up to 1/4” thick; alternatively, two sheets of clear acrylic can be supplied for use with paper signs. The frames have a top opening, and the sign simply slides in making replacement easy. Frames for retracting belt barriers are fitted with a post top adapter which slips over the top of the post for a firm fit. Frames for rope stanchions are fitted with a stud and screw directly into the stanchion’s tapped top.

Frame Sizes

Full Stanchion Compatibility

Our new outdoor signage range is also specifically designed for seamless integration with the complete catalog of Queue Solutions stanchions. From the well-loved QueuePro and the robust SafetyPro to the resilient WeatherMaster, our outdoor frames are ready to add customer guidance or safety information to your customer queue or safety barrier. Additionally, we’ve ensured compatibility with even more specialized stanchions, like the ultra-long belt SafetyPro 335. This comprehensive compatibility means you have the freedom to choose the stanchion that best fits your needs while still benefiting from the effectiveness of our outdoor signage.

Yellow Stanchion with sign
Red Stanchion with sign
Orange Stanchion with sign

Stay Tuned for the Release

As we put the finishing touches on this exciting outdoor signage range, we invite you to stay tuned for the official release date. We are eager to bring this innovative product to you, equipped with durability, protective features, and size options that ensure it’s a perfect match for your needs, whether indoors or outdoors.

We can’t wait to introduce you to our latest product line, keep an eye out for updates, and get ready to benefit from the availability of this exciting new range of outdoor signage.