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Table Stanchions


Stanchion Writing Table

Certain types of business such as banks and airport immigration services require customers to complete paperwork before accessing service. Writing surfaces are typically provided for customers to use prior to joining the queue but this causes the frustration of customers seeing people entering the queue ahead of them while they are ‘stuck’ completing the paper work. For those customers who have spent time in the queue before realizing they need paperwork or discover their forms are wrong the situation is even more aggravating. They must leave the queue to use the writing surface and then join again at the back.

A simple way to alleviate this customer stress is to provide writing surfaces in the queue itself. Arriving customers can join the queue immediately to preserve their place in line and then complete the paperwork. By providing multiple surfaces along the queue the customer can move from table to table in time with the movement of the queue.

Our Writing Table accessory allows customers to complete paperwork without losing their place in line queue. The table fits onto existing stanchions while still allowing the belts to be extended so tables can be positioned anywhere in the queue.


The tables are designed with a sleek bull nose edge and are made from solid, one piece MDF with a high gloss 4 layer polyurethane finish. This gives a stylish appearance combined with the durability needed for heavy usage. Literature Holders fitted under the table are available as an optional extra.

Easy Installation

Our Writing Tables are designed for easy installation. Two post top adapters are fixed to the underside of the table and these just slip onto the top of the stanchions, no tools are required. The tables can be moved easily by one person.

Enhance the Customer Experience

The addition of this simple accessory to your customer queue can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. By allowing customers to join the queue immediately on arriving and so preserve their place in the line reduces creates a more relaxed, pleasant customer experience.