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Safety Signs


Safety Signage

Signage is a key element in the setting up of effective safety barriers. Adding messages to warn of the specific danger or to make the keep out meaning clear makes any safety barrier more effective. Queue Solutions is a major player in the safety barrier market. We offer the largest range of retracting belt barriers designed specifically for safety applications available on the market. Within our range over 30 models of safety stanchions we have specialized products that feature extra length belts, wide belts, multiple belts, rugged outdoor bases and roller bases for easy movement.

To accompany our range of safety barriers we have developed a comprehensive range of signage options which can be used to customize the stanchion itself or be added to increase the signage area.

safety signs

Safety Message Belts

When it comes to printing a safety message on the belt a wider belts allows larger print. Our Xtra 3” wide belts allow safety messages to be printed 50% larger than on a standard 2” wide belt. Larger print means greater visibility and we recommend this belt option for all safety messages.

Our range of stock safety message belts is the largest available. We have 25 messages in stock from standards like CAUTION-DO NOT ENTER and DANGER KEEP OUT to the more specific such as ESD PROTECTED AREA and BEWARE OPEN PIT.

If you have a specific message particular to your application, we can cost effectively custom print belts to your requirement. Multiple colors and complex designs can all be catered for by our in-house graphics department.

Post Top Signs

Exit Sign

All our posts top signs feature our standard sign adapter, a fixture that allows signs to be fitted to the top of stanchions without tools. The adapter simply slides on to the top of the stanchion, fits firmly and can be moved as often as required.

There are two basic formats for post top signage, Bracket Signs and Sign Frames. Bracket Signs are a frameless sign made from heavy duty ¼ “ acrylic and are ideal for outdoor use. These are available in a range of six colors and can be custom printed with your required message. Sign Frames are made of steel and must be weatherized for outdoor use. We have two types, Standard with a 3/8” wide frame and the Heavy Duty with a ¾ “ frame. For the types of environments safety signs are used in we recommend the Heavy Duty frame. Frames take 1/8” acrylic signs but can also be supplied with two sheets of clear acrylic for use with paper signs, and this means you can print your owns signs with any desk top printer.

Post Wraps

As well as printing the stanchion belts and adding signage to the stanchion top the stanchion itself can be printed. This is done by printing self-adhesive vinyl which is then wrapped around the post. Tough and UV resistant vinyl wraps are suitable for use in work environments. There are reflective vinyl’s available to give bright, bounce-back reflectivity for night time use and virtually anything can be printed. Combining a stanchion post printed with a safety message with a printed belt greatly increases the impact of the messaging.

Custom Signs and Belts

caution sign

Our in-house graphics department can create a sign or belt message to your specification, just let us know what the message is and the colors you want and let us do the rest. Safety signs and belts are typically a single color print on a safety color background, most often yellow, red or orange. But we can print any number of colors along with logos and symbols so there are really no limits on what can be printed.


When creating a safety barrier do not forget the importance of signage. The physical barrier itself is only a guide, pedestrians can climb over or under any barrier. Bold, clear messaging advising of the safety hazard or simply making the “keep out” message clear can reduce the incidence of “line ducking” and improve the over all effectiveness of the safety cordon.