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Stanchions Signs to Guide and Inform


Stanchions Signs to Guide and Inform

Communication is a key feature of effective queue design. Customers must be guided as to where to enter and what to do when they reach the head of the queue. Signage plays an important part in maintaining smooth customer flow so we provide a wide range of stanchion top and free standing signage options to assist you guide and inform your customers.

Bracket Signs

Made from heavy duty ¼ “ acrylic, bracket signs are frameless and a popular choice for communicating simple messages relating to customer guidance. These signs are supplied with an adapter, so they slide onto the top of the stanchion and fit firmly. The sign can easily be moved whenever the need arises. Bracket Signs are available in a wide range of colors including traditional black and blue as well as high visibility yellow red and white. Messages are typically printed in a contrasting color to the sign, black on light colored signs and white on dark colors.

Acrylic Bracket Signs

The Bracket Sign range includes alternative shapes to the traditional rectangle. The Razor sign is tall and narrow so that it doesn’t protrude into the isle space and has a distinctive, eye catching look. The Oval Sign is popular in banks and similar institutions as it’s unique design gives the sign a more upscale look than a standard rectangular shape.

Signs can be supplied with one of our 15 standard messages or can be custom printed with the message of your choice. As Bracket Signs are informational single-color prints ate most common but multiple colors can be printed on request.


  • Ideal for communicating simple information
  • Sleek, frameless look
  • Unique shapes
  • Standard messages and custom printing available

Sign Frames

Frames offer the flexibility of being able to house either an acrylic sign similar to the Bracket Sign or a paper sign sandwiched between two sheets of clear acrylic. Frames offer the advantage of simple, fast sign change. The frame has a top opening and the signs slide in and out making frames the best choice where messages need to be changed from time to time.

Solid steel sign frames

There are two styles of frame, Standard with a slim ¼” profile and Heavy Duty with a ¾ “ profile. The Standard frame is more discrete, but the Heavy Duty is more durable and recommended for use in high traffic queue systems. Frames are available in either Vertical or Horizontal formats and in four sizes up to 14” x 22” size.


  • Take acrylic or paper signs
  • Fast, simple sign change
  • Multiple sizes

Large Format Sign Stands and Poster Holders

poster frames

We offer a wide range of large format frames on sign stands and a selection of Poster Holders in frame sizes up to 22” x 28” stands. Sign Stands features a round heavy weight base and Poster Holders a tubular rectangular base. Both can accommodate full size posters with the same quick sign change features of the stanchion frames. Sign S can only accommodate a single frame but have a wide variety of sizes options from 7” x 11” up to 22” x 28”. Poster Holders have limited size options but models are available with one, two or three frames stacked vertically above each other allowing up to three different posters to be displayed on the same fixture.

For clear visibility in high traffic areas we can supply a 6’ Sign Stand that places the sign above the heads of the crowd making it visible at a distance.