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Rolling Into Innovation: RollerPro 250

RollerPro 250 Banner

Rolling into Innovation: RollerPro 250

Introducing the latest evolution in crowd control: the RollerPro 250. Step into a world where convenience meets mobility, where guiding foot traffic and separating areas is effortless. With its innovative roller base design, this stanchion offers unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Say goodbye to fixed barriers and hello to dynamic crowd control solutions. Whether navigating through bustling venues or adapting to changing queue layouts, our roller base stanchion empowers you to create safe and organized environments with ease. Get ready because we are rolling into innovation and a new era of crowd control management.

Effortless Mobility

Engineered for effortless mobility, the RollerPro 250 is unparalleled in its portability. Using the discrete 6″ roller inserted in the base, relocating barriers is as simple, just tilt the stanchion onto its roller and push from the post head. This exceptional maneuverability makes the RollerPro 250 the ultimate choice for environments requiring frequent changes to queue layouts whether due to changing crowd sizes or the need for floor cleaning. The roller base eliminates the need to lift heavy stanchions allowing any member of staff to set up your queue system.

RollerPro Demo

Floor Protection And Sturdy Design

The RollerPro 250 features a cast iron base that provides exceptional stability and durability ensuring a long service life even in high traffic locations. Additionally, the RollerPro 250 comes with a full coverage rubber floor protector to protect expensive flooring from potential scuffs and scratches.

RollerPro Base
RollerPro Base Deconstructed

Safety And Durability By Design

The belts on our RollerPro range are made with a thick nylon herringbone weave that will not fray over time and provides smooth, quiet belt retraction. The belts stand straight without sagging over long lengths. The belt retraction mechanism comes with a brake for slow, safe belt retraction while the belt end has a lock to prevent accidental belt release.

2 inch cassette

Customization Options

The RollerPro 250 can be fully customized. As well as the three stock post finishes of black, polished stainless and satin stainless the RollerPro 250 can be ordered in any of our 200+ custom powder coat or metal plate finishes. We have the largest range of stock belt options in the industry. Starting with a choice of two lengths 11’ or 13’ we then have a selection of 30+ solid belt colors, 12 high visibility stripes and over 20 pre printed safety messages. A standard 2” wide by 11’ long belt offers almost 2 sq ft of prime advertising space for your logo or marketing message. Utilizing our in-house printing department, we can custom print the belts to your requirements in an unlimited number of colors on short lead times and at a very reasonable cost.

Custom Belts

Embracing Innovation

Innovative, versatile, and built for the demands of modern crowd control, the RollerPro 250 marks a transformative leap in stanchion design. With its revolutionary roller base, this stanchion redefines mobility, offering unprecedented ease in relocating barriers to adapt to evolving crowd dynamics. But it’s not just about convenience – the RollerPro 250 is engineered with durability and safety at its core. From its sturdy cast iron base to its thick nylon weave belts with a slow retracting brake and locking belt end, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure reliability and security. And with a plethora of customization options, from belt design to post finishes, the RollerPro 250 empowers you to create crowd control solutions tailored to your specific needs. It’s time to roll into a new era of crowd management with the RollerPro 250, where innovation meets functionality and safety.

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