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Semi Permanent Solution: QueuePro 300 Removable

QueuePro 300 Removable banner
QueuePro 300 Removable banner

Semi Permanent Solution: QueuePro 300 Removable

Managing and guiding crowds into orderly queues is an essential part of generating customer satisfaction for any public venue. The retractable belt stanchion is the primary tool for creating orderly customer queues however for large capacity queues managing this equipment can be a challenge especially when the stanchion must be removed periodically to clean floors or to change the queue layout. The QueuePro 300 Removable has been designed to address these issues by being a semi permanent solution reducing the number of stanchions needed and to facilitate fast, easy, removal and replacement.

Long Belt Length

For large queue systems the key to reducing the number of stanchions needed is simply to have longer belts in the stanchions. The 16’ belt in the QueuePro 300 is more than twice the length of the industry standard 7.5’ belt, this halves the number of stanchions needed for a given length of queue. Reducing the number of stanchions needed not only reduces purchase costs but also speeds setup time saving labor and reduces the amount of storage space needed when the stanchions are not in use.

Belt Length Comparison

Semi-Permanent Removable Feature

The Removable Base option on the QueuePro 300 is designed for use with a socket set into the floor. The socket has a low-profile lip so is not a trip hazard when the stanchion is removed and is supplied with a cap to keep the socket cavity free of debris.

Utilizing the Removable Base option on the QueuePro 300 offers dual benefits. By being set into the floor the stanchion has total stability and cannot be toppled and bumped out of alignment keeping the queue system neat and looking fully professional. However, the Removable Base also allows the stanchions to be easily removed for floor cleaning or in off peak times when there is no customer queue.

Removable Socket

Using the floor socket/removable base system also allows for the fast expansion of the queue as needed by quickly fitting additional stanchions into pre-sited floor sockets.

Safety Features

Retractable belt stanchions are, by design, fitted with powerful springs, in order to ensure slow, safe belt retraction the QueuePro 300 Removable features a belt brake. This ensures that if for whatever reason the belt becomes unlatched from the post it won’t snap back at speed which could be hazardous. This is especially crucial for preventing accidents in high traffic areas such as airports or bus terminals. A second safety feature that is standard on all QueuePro models and is the belt end lock that prevents accidental belt release caused by members of the public tampering with the belt.

safety belt features

Tailored Customization

Every company has different needs and wants from a stanchion. Some want pedestrian guidance, some want queue management, and others want safety barriers to restrict access. The QueuePro 300 Removable is a one stop shop for all your needs. Having over 50 different stock belt colors available, including solid colors, stripes, and safety messaging, you can find the perfect fit for your company’s needs. In addition to the wide range of stock belt options we also offer full custom belt printing with our in-house printing department. We use digital printing so an unlimited number of colors can be used to create any logo or design.

2 inch stock colors
stock messages

The QueuePro 300 is offered in 3 different stock post options, black, polished stainless steel and satin stainless. However, if you want a different look to the post you can choose from one of our 200+ custom colors or even from a wide range of metal finishes including exotic options such as English Antique and Pewter Nickel.


The QueuePro 300 Removable offers a unique combination of features, extra-long belt length and a removable base. This combination makes the QueuePro 300 Removable the ideal option for creating large, semi-permanent customer queues. With its range of post finishes and belt color options this stanchion can be ordered to match any venue’s décor or design aesthetic. With its slow retract brake and belt lock the QueuePro 300 Removable is ideal for use in high traffic areas such as airports, stadiums or public buildings. As a comprehensive solution for crowd management challenges, the QueuePro 300 Removable sets a new standard of excellence, empowering businesses to optimize their operations and elevate the customer experience.

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