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Superior Branding Visibility: RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra

RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra banner
 RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra top banner

Superior Branding Visibility: RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra

In high traffic environments where flexibility and rapid deployment of queuing stanchions is crucial, the RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra stands out as the ultimate mobile stanchion solution. Designed for versatility and ease of use, this innovative stanchion features two extra-wide belts, providing superior branding visibility and optimized queue management. Whether it’s for events, airports, or retail environments, the RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra ‘s twin belts offer maximum branding exposure, while its wheeled base allows for effortless repositioning. Optimize your queue management with the RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra – where mobility and branding meet in this exceptional stanchion.

Optimized Queue Management

The process of reconfiguring queues to match the amount of traffic can be often seen as unnecessary. However, ensuring a customer doesn’t have the frustration of having to walk through a large, empty queue system can significantly improve customer satisfaction. The RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra excels in this situation, by having a discreet 6 inch roller in the base. Moving this stanchion is easy, just tilt the post onto its roller and push using the post head. With the mobility of the roller base, you can change queue systems in a matter of seconds, streamlining both setup and takedown of posts. This innovative solution reduces labor costs while enhancing queue efficiency, enabling businesses to rapidly respond to changing conditions and maintain an optimal queue flow even at the busiest of times.

Rolling the stanchion

Customizable Options

Post Colors: Queue systems are a highly visible part of any venues décor and the ability to customize the stanchions to match interior design themes is an important feature. Every part of a Queue Solutions stanchion can be customized. We offer three stock post finishes, black, polished stainless and satin stainless, however we can also customize the posts with over 200 powder coat colors including textured finishes such as Hammertone Gray or Textured Jade. Custom metal finishes are also available with the likes of Pewter Nickel or Antique Copper giving the stanchion a sophisticated look ideal for high end venues such as hotels and casinos.

Belt Customization: Matching the belt color to the stanchion is obviously an important aspect of the overall design theme. We offer a range of over fifty belt colors, stripes and safety messages. However, if you can’t find what you need in the stock options then custom belt printing may be the right choice for you. Using our in-house printing capabilities, we are able to deliver a belt color or design to your specification at an affordable cost.

Custom Belts

Extra Wide Belts For High Visibility

The RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra features unique 3 inch wide belts, these provide a 50% larger print area than the industry standard 2” width. Having extra-large, bold print increases the distance the print can be seen and greatly increases the impact of the branding when customers are standing in the queue.

Stock Belts
Stock Belts

Twin Belt Design

In addition to the large 3 inch belt width the RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra also has two belts. The twin belt design improves the stanchions effectiveness as a queue barrier by stopping customers from ducking under the belt to bypass the queue. The lower belt also keeps children in line and is detectable by the visually impaired using a cane improving accessibility for all customers. Positioned with its lower edge 27” from the floor the lower belt makes this stanchion ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. Finally having two belts doubles the print area available for branding and further increases the impact created by this truly unique stanchion.


The RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra is the ultimate mobile stanchion solution, combining flexibility, rapid deployment, and superior branding visibility. Ideal for events, airports, and retail stores, this stanchion enhances queue management with its roller base for easy repositioning, wide range of customization options, and the dramatic impact of branding on its extra wide twin belts. The RollerPro Twin 250 Xtra stands out as the premier choice for efficient, adaptable crowd control.

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