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Remarkable Features: RollerPro Twin 250

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Remarkable Features: RollerPro Twin 250

Introducing the revolutionary RollerPro Twin 250 – a game-changer in retractable belt stanchions. With its innovative twin belt design and roller base, the RollerPro Twin 250 offers unmatched versatility and convenience. Engineered to effortlessly streamline crowd control and queue management, this stanchion provides exceptional mobility and enhanced barrier performance making it ideal for a wide range of queue management scenarios. Whether guiding foot traffic or organizing lines with precision, the RollerPro Twin 250 sets a new benchmark in queue management solutions. Join us as we delve into the remarkable features and benefits of this cutting-edge stanchion.

Twin Belt Design

The RollerPro Twin 250 stands out with its dual belt design, offering multiple benefits that enhance queue management and accessibility. The lower belt improves queue management by deterring “Belt Ducking” where customers attempt to bypass the queue by ducking under the top belt. The addition of the lower belt effectively prevents this behavior. Moreover, the lower belt acts as a barrier for children who may attempt to pass below the top belt, enhancing the effectiveness of your queue.

The lower belt is strategically positioned less than 27 inches from the ground, providing crucial tactile feedback for visually impaired customers who navigate using a cane. This feature ensures ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance and improves accessibility of your business for all potential customers. With these features, the RollerPro Twin 250 not only improves queue management but also ensures a more orderly and efficient environment for your customers.

Streamlined Queue Setup

Flexibility in queue management is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction, especially in dynamic environments where traffic levels fluctuate throughout the day. The ability to quickly adjust queue configurations can make a significant difference in enhancing the customer experience. The RollerPro Twin 250 has a discreet 6-inch roller built into its base; this innovative feature eliminates the hassle of relocating posts. With a simple tilt of the post head and a push, the RollerPro Twin 250 effortlessly glides into position, streamlining queue setups and breakdowns with ease. By minimizing the manpower and time needed to re-configure queue set ups, this cutting-edge solution empowers businesses to adapt swiftly to changing demands and to optimize customer flow.

Rolling the stanchion

Customized Belts

The RollerPro Twin 250 is supplied with standard 11’ belts which are almost 50% longer than the industry standard 7.5’ belt. Longer belts mean fewer stanchions are required for the same length of queue line, this reduces purchase cost, set up time and storage space when the stanchions are not being used. In addition to providing the longest standard belt length Queue Solutions also offers a wide range of stock belt color options. With a range of over 50 solid colors, high visibility stripes and safety messages to choose from you can select a belt to match your décor, corporate color or communication needs.

Stock Colors
Stock Messages

Moreover, if none of our stock offerings suit your requirements, we offer the option to create custom belts. This process is facilitated entirely through our in-house printing capabilities, enabling the inclusion of custom logos, sponsor’s branding, or even QR codes. As stanchions are utilized in any venue’s highest foot traffic area, the customer queue, the stanchion belt makes an excellent platform to communicate with customers. Advertising, branding, promotional or safety messaging can all be effectively communicated with printed stanchion belts.

Custom Belts

Post Color Options

Select from our range of three stock finishes for our posts. The standard black finish is suitable for any occasion, offering versatility and timeless appeal. For a modern yet sophisticated aesthetic, consider the Satin Stainless finish, which complements contemporary settings. Alternatively, opt for the polished stainless finish for an elegant and glamorous look, perfect for upscale environments. If one of our stock options does not fit your environment then we also provide the option for custom posts, allowing you to personalize your stanchions to suit your specific preferences. Choose from our wide range of powder coat colors, metal finishes or explore custom wrapped posts for a truly unique and customized stanchion.

Optimal Locations

Retail Environments: In retail stores, supermarkets, or shopping malls, the RollerPro Twin 250 provides a versatile solution for managing queues at checkout lanes, guiding customers through promotional displays, or creating organized pathways during busy sales events.

Transportation Hubs: At airports, train stations, or bus terminals, where crowds are constantly in motion, the RollerPro Twin 250 helps maintain orderly queues for ticketing, boarding, or security checkpoints, while its mobility allows for easy repositioning as passenger flow fluctuates.


In conclusion, the RollerPro Twin 250 revolutionizes queue management with its innovative twin belt design and roller base, offering unmatched versatility and convenience. Its ADA-compliant lower belt aids accessibility and prevents belt ducking, while the discreet roller streamlines setup, minimizing labor costs. Customizable belt printing enhances adaptability, and a choice of post finishes ensures seamless integration in any environment. From retail to transportation hubs, the RollerPro Twin 250 excels in managing crowds and optimizing customer flow with ease.

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