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Better Perimeter Security: SafetyPro Twin 250

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Better Perimeter Security: SafetyPro Twin 250

As a manager, controlling access to your worksite can be challenging. Safety stanchions play an important role in restricting access and alerting pedestrians to the hazard. The SafetyPro Twin 250 is especially effective as a barrier due to its twin belt design, high visibility colors, and customizable belts. Its robust construction ensures reliable performance and a long service life making this stanchion an essential tool for maintaining worksite safety and for better perimeter security. Join us as we introduce the SafetyPro Twin 250 and its unique features.

Twin Belt Design

The key feature of the SafetyPro Twin 250 is its twin belt design. The lower belt prevents pedestrians from ducking under the belt and is a significantly more effective barrier than single belt models. Having two belts also doubles the visibility of safety messages or allows for two different messages to be displayed. The lower belt also makes this stanchion ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant.

Maintenance of the lower belt mechanism is a challenge in most twin belt stanchions but the SafetyPro Twin 250 features an innovative two piece design that allows easy access to the lower belt cassette if needed.

Elevating Safety Standards

The SafetyPro Twin 250 is equipped with many overlooked safety features. This stanchion’s belt cassette has a braking system that provides a controlled retraction every time. This eliminates the risk of injuries caused by a sudden snapback of the belt. This feature makes it perfect for high traffic areas as you won’t need to worry about injury from the belt. Moreover, the belt also comes with a belt end lock. This lock prevents the end of the belt from being unlatched from the receiving stanchion whether by accident or tampering.

SafetyPro cassette

Full Circumference Floor Protector

The base of the SafetyPro Twin 250 is equipped with a full circumference floor protector. This heavy-duty rubber ring stretched around the base gives the stanchion a secure grip and prevents floors being scratched or scuffed. The base itself is made from cast iron and is virtually indestructible. High strength powder coating gives the base long term weather resistance making this stanchion suitable for permanent outdoor use.

SafetyPro base

Post Colors

The SafetyPro range of stanchions is available in three high visibility OSHA approved colors yellow, red and orange. Red signifies immediate danger, whereas yellow means caution, and orange is used for construction zones or where equipment is active.

Stock and Custom Belt Options

The belts play an important part in the effectiveness of a safety barrier. The belt color can be matched with the post colors to indicate the level of danger and can also be printed with messages to enhance the warning. We offer a range of over 50 belt colors, stripes and safety messages from stock. Whether you need a general warning message like “CAUTION DO NOT ENTER”, or something more emphatic like “DANGER KEEP OUT” you are likely to find what you need from our stock selection. However, if you have a specific requirement our in-house printing department can print a message to your specification, just let us know what you need!

Stock colors
Stock messages


The SafetyPro Twin 250 stands out as a vital asset for perimeter security and safety management. Its innovative twin belt system, combined with high visibility colors and customizable options, addresses the critical need for clear and effective access control on worksites. With features such as controlled retraction to prevent injuries, a robust twin belt design for added security, ADA compliance, and a full circumference floor protector for stability and durability, the SafetyPro Twin 250 exemplifies superior engineering and thoughtful design. Additionally, the option for custom belt printing and OSHA-approved post colors enhances its functionality and adaptability to a wide variety of safety requirements. By integrating the SafetyPro Twin 250 into your safety protocols, you can significantly improve the perimeter security and safety standards of your worksite.

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