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Restricting Access : SafetyPro 250

SafetyPro 250
 SafetyPro 250 top banner

Restricting Access : SafetyPro 250

SafetyPro is a range of heavy-duty premium safety stanchions designed for restricting access to work or cleaning areas. The SafetyPro 250 is one of the models in this line of stanchions boasting a belt length of 11 ft to 13 ft compared to the industry standard of 7.5 ft. This stanchion is known for its choice of OSHA colors, its safety features, its cast iron base, and all the customizing options that come with it. The SafetyPro’s durable construction and innovative design make it a trusted choice for professionals looking for a long service life from their safety barriers. Join us as we explore the features and benefits of the SafetyPro 250.

Cast Iron Base

The key to the SafetyPro 250’s long service life is its cast iron base. Powder coated for long term weather resistance, this base is almost indestructible, it can be dropped or driven over without damage, an ideal feature in tough working environments. The base is equipped with a rubber floor protector around the full circumference of the rim, this safeguards flooring from scratches and scuffs, and other damage. In addition this heavy duty rubber protector provides a secure grip, preventing the stanchion from slipping, and adding an extra layer of stability.

SafetyPro base

Stop Sudden Snapbacks

The SafetyPro 250’s cassette is equipped with an advanced braking feature to prevent sudden belt snapbacks. Its slow retracting mechanism ensures a smooth, slow retraction every time, eliminating the risk of accidents caused by an uncontrolled belt flying back at high speeds. Additionally, a belt end lock securely fastens the belt to the spline of the receiving stanchion, preventing the belt from being released accidentally. These features work together to enhance safety and prevent potential accidents, making the SafetyPro 250 a reliable choice for any setting.

SafetyPro cassette

Post Color Options

The SafetyPro 250 offers stock post colors in red, yellow, and orange, each chosen for their high visibility and specific safety applications. Red signifies the highest level of danger, making it ideal for areas requiring immediate attention. Yellow indicates caution, suitable for warning of potential hazards or guiding foot traffic safely around less critical areas. Orange is used for zones with active equipment or ongoing work, alerting passersby to exercise care. These OSHA-approved colors ensure that the SafetyPro 250 not only stands out but also communicates essential safety information effectively.

Increase Perimeter Security

In addition to post color options, the SafetyPro 250 offers a choice of over 50 belt colors including high visibility stripes and safety messages. Messages such as “DANGER – KEEP OUT” or “ESD PROTECTED AREA,” effectively enhance perimeter security by alerting pedestrians as to the nature of the danger. For a tailored approach, many customers opt for custom print options, specifying messages that meet their unique needs. Our in-house printing capabilities streamline both the design and manufacturing phases, ensuring minimal costs and reduced delivery times for your belts and stanchions.

safety belts


In conclusion, the SafetyPro 250 is designed to enhance safety and perimeter security in work areas. With its vibrant OSHA-approved colors, advanced safety features, and customizable options, the SafetyPro 250 meets the highest standards of durability and reliability. Its slow retracting mechanism, secure belt end lock, and circumference rubber floor protector ensure both safety and stability, making it a trusted choice for professionals. Whether you’re looking to restrict access, enhance visibility, or customize your safety measures, the SafetyPro 250 offers the perfect solution.

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