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Pinnacle of Advanced Safety : SafetyPro Triple 250

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 SafetyPro Triple 250 top banner

Pinnacle of Advanced Safety : SafetyPro Triple 250

The SafetyPro Triple 250 stanchion is the pinnacle of advanced safety solutions designed with perimeter security in demanding environments in mind. This robust stanchion boasts a unique triple belt system, offering unparalleled access control and visibility of the belts and stanchion. Engineered for durability and reliability, the SafetyPro Triple 250 is perfect for high-traffic areas, ensuring efficient crowd control and enhanced safety. Whether you’re managing a busy construction site or a bustling warehouse, the SafetyPro Triple 250 provides the ultimate combination of strength, reliability, innovation and affordability. The innovative design will not only meet all your safety barrier needs but exceed them. Read on to learn more about the unique features of the SafetyPro Triple 250 that sets a new standard of performance in retractable barriers.

Three Belts for the Ultimate Barrier

The limitation of single belt barriers is that it is easy for people to duck under the belt and so they can only be considered a guide rather than an actual deterrent. Twin belt stanchions are effective in limiting ‘belt ducking’ but the triple belt design makes this impossible and so can be considered a true barrier to entry. This one of a kind design also has the advantage of being ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant as its lower belt can be easily detected by the visually impaired using a cane. Three belts also triple the area available for printing safety messages and make the barrier far more visible.

Tailored to Your Needs: OSHA Color Options

The SafetyPro Triple 250 features a choice of OSHA-colored posts, ensuring maximum visibility and compliance with industry safety standards. These high visibility posts are available in a choice of the universally recognized safety colors of yellow, red or orange, and are designed to be easily noticeable in any environment. The OSHA colors help indicate the nature of the hazard, yellow for caution, red for danger and orange for construction or moving machinery. Whether used in manufacturing facilities, maintenance zones, construction sites or other hazardous areas the SafetyPro Triple 250’s OSHA-colored posts provide clear visual cues that enhance safety.

Personalized Messaging: Customizable Belts

The SafetyPro Triple 250 is available with a selection of over 50 stock belt colors, stripes, and pre-printed safety messages. If none of the stock options meets your requirement, we can custom print the belts in your specific color, message or branding.

Stock safety messages

The triple belt design also gives you the flexibility to print a mix of messages or to combine high visibility stripe with a safety message. The custom printing option ensures that your SafetyPro Triple 250 stanchions not only provide robust physical barriers but also serve as a valuable communication tool, providing important information and reinforcing the barrier’s “keep out” message.

User Safety is a Priority

Retractable barriers have a high strength spring that rewinds the belt into the stanchion. All Queue Solutions barriers are fitted with a belt brake that ensures slow, safe belt retraction even if the belt is dropped and is freely retracting. Similar products are available on the market without brakes and if the belt is dropped or let go during retraction the belt will snap back and whip around the post with enough force to potentially cause injury. To add a further level of safety, the SafetyPro is fitted with a belt lock that allows the belt to be locked onto the receiving stanchion. This stops the belt being released either by accident or by being tampered with.

SafetyPro cassette

Easy Maintenance

The SafetyPro’s innovative triple belt system does not require regular maintenance, however constant use over an extended period may require the belt cassette to be replaced. In many retractable stanchion brands this requires the return of the stanchion to the factory however the SafetyPro’s design allows fast easy cassette replacement in the field. The stanchion’s post is manufactured in three pieces and can be disassembled by simply removing four screws and the cassettes can then slide out of the post. Total time to replace a cassette is less than 10 minutes so your barriers are always available for use.


The SafetyPro Triple 250 is more than just a stanchion; it is a comprehensive safety solution designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-traffic and hazardous environments. With its robust construction, innovative triple belt system, and customizable features, the SafetyPro Triple 250 sets a new standard in perimeter security and crowd control. The thoughtful design, including OSHA-colored posts, slow retracting cassettes, and secure belt end locks, ensures enhanced safety, visibility, and durability. Whether you need to manage a busy construction site, a bustling warehouse, or any other area requiring stringent access control, the SafetyPro Triple 250 provides an unbeatable combination of strength, reliability, and innovation. Invest in the SafetyPro Triple 250 today and improve your access control to unparalleled heights, ensuring a secure and efficient environment for everyone.

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