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The Solution for Restricting Access: SafetyPro 300

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The Solution for Restricting Access: SafetyPro 300

Meet the SafetyPro 300, the solution for restricting access to off limits areas. Designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor environments, the SafetyPro 300 combines robust weatherproof construction with innovative features that streamline crowd control operations. By halving the number of posts required, it optimizes space without compromising on efficiency. This is great for construction sites that have big open areas that may be dangerous for the outside public if they get into it. Whether restricting access or giving warnings to pedestrians walking by, the SafetyPro 300 is the stanchion to fit all your needs.

Maximum Coverage With Minimum Posts

The SafetyPro 300 features an impressive 16-foot belt length, more than twice the length of the industry standard 7.5’ belt. This extra length belt makes the SafetyPro 300 ideal for construction sites and other workspaces where extended coverage is essential. This extra-long belt allows you to span greater distances with fewer posts. Having fewer posts streamlines setup and reduces the space needed for storage when the stanchion is not in use. The spring design in the stanchions retraction mechanism is carefully designed to maintain a perfect amount of tension on the belt so it will not sag or flop even when fully extended.

SafetyPro 300 comparison

Highly Visible Posts

The SafetyPro 300 is available in three bright OSHA-colors, designed to enhance the visibility of barriers in any workplace or environment. These OSHA colors, yellow, red, and orange are each widely recognized for their own unique warnings, red means there’s immediate danger if you enter that area, yellow means to be cautious, and orange signifies electrical hazard, construction or machines at work.

Tailored Belts For Any Scenario

The SafetyPro 300 offers an extensive selection of belt colors and printed safety messages. Choose from over 30 solid color options. 10 contrasting horizontal and diagonal stripes or 15 safety messages such as CAUTION DO NOT ENTER, DANGER KEEP OUT and BEWARE OPEN PIT. These message options make the ‘keep out’ message clear and to clearly indicate the nature of the danger. If our stock options don’t align with your requirements, our custom printing service allows you to personalize the belts with your unique colors or messages. This flexibility enables you to make the SafetyPro 300 an essential communication tool, enhancing safety and organization on your site.

Stock safety messages

Rugged Construction

Designed specifically for use in tough working environments, the SafetyPro features a steel post, far more durable than commonly used PVC and aluminum. The post is powder coated for long term weather resistance. The base is made of nearly indestructible cast iron which is also powder coated for outdoor use. SafetyPro’s belt material is a 500 micron herringbone weave nylon. This belt will last the life of the stanchion without fraying or puckering. The weave helps with rigidity keeping the belt standing upright and it also allows for silent belt retraction.


The SafetyPro 300 stands as the ultimate solution for effective crowd management, prioritizing safety and durability in both indoor and outdoor environments. With robust weatherproof construction and innovative features that optimize space by halving the number of required posts, it’s an ideal choice for expansive construction sites and hazardous workspaces. Whether restricting access or providing crucial warnings, the SafetyPro 300 ensures efficient setup creating clear, continuous barriers that enhance safety and organization. Customizable belt options and highly visible OSHA-colored posts enhance visibility and communication, making the SafetyPro 300 indispensable for any industrial or construction setting seeking reliable crowd control solutions.

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