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Upcoming Product Release: Innovative New Merchandising Panel System

New Merchandising Panel Banner

Upcoming Product Release: Innovative New Merchandising Panel System

We are excited to announce our upcoming product release that is set to revolutionize the way you optimize your queue merchandising. Our new and improved Merchandising Panels and Posts are designed to provide a seamless run of merchandising panels equally suited to the customer queue or as a free-standing store fixture. Building upon the success of our previous panel products, we have incorporated several enhancements that will optimize merchandizing space and ease of use. Below we will highlight some of the features and benefits of our new panel system.

New Merchandising Panel connection

Effortless Installation and Versatile Configuration

Our new Merchandising Panels have been meticulously designed with ease of assembly as the top priority. Crafted using lightweight and durable aluminum slatwall, these panels offer exceptional sturdiness while being effortless to handle during the installation process. With no tools required, setting up the panels is a one person quick and hassle-free task. Simply slide the panel into the keyhole on the post for seamless connection. One notable improvement of this product, when compared to traditional panels, is the complete elimination of the post collar. This not only streamlines the installation steps but also increases the compactness of the design by eliminating the gap between the post and the slatwall panel.

simple instructions for assembly

Better Space Utilization and Increased Merchandising Capacity

Another significant enhancement in our upcoming Merchandising Panels is the newfound ability to connect shelves from panel to panel. Previously, this was not feasible due to the gap between panels caused by the stanchion and collar. However, with our improved design, we have successfully eliminated the gap between panels and with a modified design shelves can now be positioned across the posts. This allows for a continuous run of shelves along the full length of the installation, significantly increasing the available merchandising space.

In addition to enabling seamless merchandise shelving, the elimination of gaps between panels gives our new design a visually appealing “clean” appearance. This new clutter-free design enhances the décor of the retail environment and allows the merchandise to take center stage. Product displayed on attractive fixtures are more likely to attract the attention of customers and increase the chances of a purchase.

Portable or Fixed Base Options

Our new panels system offers two base options. The traditional portable option is a 14” diameter cast iron base with a decorative cover. These 15lb bases provide the stability required for the fixture but allow the panels to be moved as required. Alternatively, where the panels will be permanently positioned, we can fit the posts with a 5” diameter flange that allows them to be bolted to the floor.

Height Options

Our new system offers two new post heights from stock, 48” for use in customer queues and 60” for free standing displays. Alternatively, we can custom manufacture the posts to your height requirement. Tall fixtures are not recommended for use in the checkout line as when combined with the narrow isle space in the queue they can create “canyon” giving a claustrophobic ambiance to the area. However, for free standing fixtures extra height gives greater merchandising capacity per square floor space. In addition, additional height allows products to be displayed closer to eye level. Although this height difference may appear minor, it plays a crucial role in creating a more effective merchandising display and increasing the likelihood of customers interacting with the products offered.

increased height of the merchandising panel


The key benefits of our new merchandising panels system are faster, easier installation, more efficient space utilization, improved appearance, and height options to suit the intended use of the system. The sales potential of in-queue merchandizing is widely recognized with studies showing a 20%+ uplift in sales commonly achieved with products merchandised in the queue. Our next generation merchandising panel system will allow retailers to optimize this powerful sales opportunity while lowering set up times and costs. Stay tuned for the official launch of our new Merchandising Panel system and take advantage of the benefits it offers.